Nothing you do for your children is ever wasted.

— garrison keillor

Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog. First, I’d like to point out, I’m not a writer, I’m the type of person who envisions a whole journal in my head and then when my fingers get moving I can compose two sentences. My punctuation will be off and my spelling may be too. Sometimes I think I’m funnier than I am, but I think humor is a way to navigating something uncomfortable. I have a lot to say on the topic of hip dysplasia on the emotional side of things, more than what doctors can help with. I hope that my blog can bring peace and comfort that you’re not alone in the chaos of caring for a child with hip dysplasia.

I’ve been a ‘hip dysplasia mom’ for a little over 6 months, while I’m not a professional, I’ve learned more than I wanted on Hip Dysplasia. We just passed the 6-month mark of my son’s first surgery and the first day of a 12-week journey in a Spica cast. By the grace of God (yes he’ll be mentioned in this blog), we navigated those 12 weeks like rock stars.

I’ll talk about our journey, how we managed our time in a Spica cast, future diagnosis, and finding my new purpose which is advocating and educating on hip dysplasia. The mountains we face doesn’t determine who we become, it determines how strong we’ll become. I want to help people navigate a Spica cast, how to ask for help and how to be your child’s advocate. Our journey was chaotic as we sold our first home, I was pregnant, moving across country and my husband was starting a master’s degree in a different state than where we stayed for surgery and cast time. A diagnosis doesn’t come at the best time, because really, is there a good time?

The mountains we face doesn’t determine who we become, it determines how strong we’ll become.

If you’re not here for advice and just here to go thru this adventure with us, thank you! If you’re here because you’re on the same boat as us, you’re going to get thru this. My inbox is open to questions and I look forward to hearing about your journey too! Subscribe and join our hippy adventure!

4 thoughts on “Hello.”

  1. What a wonderful journey to share to help many! So glad to know you and your family and to come alongside of you during this adventure.


  2. God bless you on this continuing journey with hip dysplasia affecting precious Levi. Your commitment to educating yourself and others is genuine, heartfelt, and needed. Looking forward to reading your posts and gaining insight. If I can be of any assistance, just ask!


  3. Jeanna – Thank you for being transparent and allowing others to gain insight as they walk the same journey. It is heartbreaking to see my grandchild go through these times but you give a bright, hopeful perspective on the future, despite the present obstacles. He is so blessed to have you as his mother!


  4. Jeanna, so proud of you! Thanks for taking the time to share your story and to be an encouragement to others. I realize this is not an easy time but so thankful you have God on your side. I think you are wonderful – spelling, punctuation, etc. – are not important. Just impart your message in your spontaneous “silly” way and let other enjoy your uniqueness. YOU are special to me and always will be.


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