About my hippy boy {part 2}…

Before I knew it, we were being transferred to the care of the nicest doctor I’ve ever met at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. While the wait to get in for an appointment seemed like eternity, we received so much peace from him when we met his smiling face. He pulled his chair over with copies of the x-ray and he truly, sincerely, wanted to make sure that we knew every step that was coming and welcomed questions. I quickly realized that pediatric doctors do not have just one patient on a case…they have two; the first is the child and the second is the parent(s).

Our push to get surgery done fast was so important because we were in the middle of selling our home, moving to New York and I was 20 weeks pregnant. Being that our care started in Nashville, my husband ended up moving to New York without us and we’d move upon the cast removal…12 long weeks later.

Before I proceed, I’m a praying mama and so is the vast majority of my friends and acquaintances. We could not have made it through this time without the power of prayer and the answered/unanswered prayers, I’ll go into detail more on this a little later.

On the morning of the surgery in May 2019, we had some anxiousness over the surgery itself and passing our child off to go through the double doors without you…but as a whole, we were filled with so much peace. I give that to prayer but also being 100% confident with our doctor. If you question your doctor a little bit…you’re with the wrong one.

Being that Levi had bilateral hip dysplasia, we had both hips to work on. For the left, he received an open reduction. For the right hip, it went right in under anesthesia, so a closed reduction was completed on this side. He was in a Spica cast for 6 weeks and a Petrie cast for 5.5 weeks. After the cast removal, he took 21 days to regain his muscles to walk again and before we knew it, he was back to running away from me at stores.

In this post, I sped thru over 5 months of ‘stuff’. Two reasons why…1) I plan to break it down a little more on topics in the future and 2) Because shortly after, we realized our closed reduction failed…

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