I’ve come to terms that ‘failure’ is an extremely strong word and it’s one you do not want to hear when you’re dealing with a hip dysplasia child (or really anything in life for that matter).

Post-surgery, 11.5 week cast, move to NY and having a baby, I was sitting nursing my newborn and noticed Levi’s waddle was ‘back’. If you recall, this was the thing that made me question my son’s stability for close to 11 months. Seeing his ‘swag’ as I often called it was not something that was comforting.

Levi’s first x-ray following surgery was scheduled for November (this was going to determine if he could end his time in his Rhino Brace). I contacted our care team in TN and explained what I saw, and they suggested we take him in to get an x-ray (early October). My husband brought him in and to our dismay Levi’s right hip was dislocating.

The closed reduction had ‘failed’ and more work needed to be done. We began working with our new pediatrician in New York to ensure we could still use our same surgeon in TN. When dealing with insurance, a lot of paperwork needed to be completed and protocol needed to be met, but after a little stress, we got approval and we were headed to TN for round 2.

 On January 2nd, 2020, Levi underwent his second surgery to correct his bilateral hip dysplasia. This time they did an open reduction on the right side with a pelvic osteotomy and they did find that there was a torn ligament which was allowing the hip to slip out of socket. This probably had to do with some sort of trauma between cast coming off and that date, but we haven’t an idea how (tripping, falling…sky is the limit with a 2 year old). As for the left hip, they did a pelvic osteotomy. If you’re not familiar with what that is, they ultimately did a little reshaping of his pelvis and he gained a little extra bone (THANK YOU TO HIS DONOR)!

So here begins our journey of the Spica Cast…round 2!

1 thought on “failure”

  1. I am so thankful that you had the observation skills to catch this quickly. You are an amazing mama, wife, employee, daughter (in-law) and all-round person. Thanks for keeping us informed on Levi’s progress and helping others going through the journey of “failure”…


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