Half way there!!

We are half way to the end of this cast…well almost.

We are flying to Tennessee tomorrow from New York for his cast change. We’ve done a cast change before…but we have never flown in a Spica Cast. It will be interesting, but I’m ready to learn and experience this travel so I can share with you!

It’ll be 5 weeks since the cast went on and I’m looking forward to seeing the arthogram (an x-ray after dye was injected in) and all the healing that has taken place in that time.

To help backtrack a little, these last 5 weeks have been awesome. One thing you’ll learn when you’re going through a major life event is that you get the pity head-tilt with the verbal “How’s he doing?” While I’d LOVE to take all the sympathy I can get, I always respond with ‘My kid is amazing’. He has had the best attitude (minus his normal 2 year old tantrums). He knows that the cast is on to make his legs better and he has yet to ask for it to be removed. PRAISE GOD!

We’ve done tons of play time, movies, we had play dates with friends, trips to mom’s favorite store (Target), countless lunches out, Gamma (my mom) came to visit and this time flew by unlike the last time.

I’m constructing more pages on this website and will soon have a page on all the activities we do during the cast time which is mainly at our Spica Table (made by Ivy Rose Spica Chairs). We got a bright red one this time and Levi enjoys it for play and meals. He is now wanting a matching red cast, specifically “Paw Patrol Marshall Red”!

We look forward to writing more soon on our next phase of this cast.

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