Taking the Spica Cast to new heights!

We just finished our first flight in a Spica Cast. Frankly, other than my son not being able to fully sit in a chair without items behind him…everything went PERFECTLY!

I was a tad concerned flying just because I often read negative press on our airline. But who is going to write about the positive experiences, when it’s so much easier to pull out the pitch forks? I am.

For starters, we got to the ticket counter to deliver my <oversized> bag. I knew I was headed there with a couple pounds extra, but we had space in our backpacks and were ready to remove necessary weight to bring us under the allotted 50lbs. Because we are military…we got a free bag….AND oversized wasn’t an additional charge. Give me all the excited emojis!

We dropped the bag, proceeded to TSA and this went fine…I think it could always be a little better. But I don’t have suggestions other than…HELP THE STRUGGLING MOM OUT! For the people in the back…help her out, even if she looks strong enough. If you’re unaware, if you have a child, the child has to be taken out of a car seat or stroller and held. So what do you do with the stroller? Fold it up while holding said child. I managed to hold my Spica kid, push the lever with my foot, shove it down forcefully so it ‘clicked’ and locked (twice might I add, since it didn’t latch the first time) and proceeded to lift one side of the stroller with my foot to get it to a good spot for me to grab with my hand. Really, I’m not knocking TSA, because they keep me and my family safe, I just wish it was a tad user friendly for said family!

We got into the terminal with plenty of time to spare for a yummy bite, some tummy time for my littlest, some walking for my Levi and communicating with the stewardess (gate agent wasn’t there yet).

Miss Lexi (the awesome stewardess that should get every promotion out there) asked if I was there with a lap child, “yes”! And I went on to explain we needed extra time to get on and we went on in conversation about Levi, while she held my baby. Yes, she asked to hold my baby while I got my wallet out. She was willing to help out when I didn’t ask and that was just so sweet. She managed to communicate with the gate agent and they moved our seats to the back so we had an available seat and we ended up bringing our car seat on board for my lap baby and then my mom sat with my Levi. She grabbed our additional bag as we boarded the aircraft and helped us all the way to the back while saying “please let me know if there is anything else you need”…she meant it.

I’m so grateful for this caring soul, she went above and beyond and made our whole time perfect! So…you wonder what airline? United Airlines! So wipe them off of your ‘do not fly’ list and give them another shot! And if you have an amazing experience like us, talk about it!

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