No job is too big, no pup is too small!

We are locked and loaded into cast #4. This mama is praying and hoping it’s the last one!

Levi got his requested “Paw Patrol Marshall Red Cast”, it’s ironic how he picked Marshall because he is known for being ‘clumsy’ and the ‘medic pup’.

With the cast change, Levi goes under anesthesia, gets a nice bath and has an arthrogram (X-ray with dye injected to see the hip sockets) yesterday. With having an open reduction on both sides, the hip can’t dislocate…but it can ‘slide’. His arthrogram looks as good as it can be although we wanted to hear ‘his cartilage is ossifying’. To stop/help the sliding, we need Levi’s cartilage to ossify to bone, or at least start that process. So that is our biggest prayer right now. We are done with surgeries for now, but we could have another in the future (a few years) all dependent on how his little sockets form.

We will be in the cast for 5 weeks, brace for 4 months and then get a new X-ray at that time. That X-ray will tell us when the brace can come off, if the bone isn’t ossifying, we will be in the brace longer.

Levi is in high spirits with his new cast and extra mobility. We are hanging out in Nashville today to make sure all is good and then head to NY tomorrow!

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. Romans 8:25

God’s got us. But most importantly, God loves my kid more than I do and I am certain he has his hand in his healing and his life to come. ❤️

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