20 Days have come and gone!

I blinked and twenty days have flown by. The day after returning from Tennessee for Levi’s cast change, I went back to work (I’m a stay-at-home mom but also work remote as an insurance agent) so things have been in overdrive since then.

Levi has been incredible with this cast like the 3 prior. But what’s a bit different is he’s walking and running. Yes, RUNNING. If you were a fly on the wall you’d hear “slow down”, “stop running” or “don’t climb that” about 20 times a day.

He still does not have a bend in this cast, so we still use our Spica Table daily for eating and play as he can not sit in a regular chair. *Note on the Spica Table: There was tons of paperwork sent into our insurance company to hopefully get coverage for it, but it was denied. Let me preface that our insurance is incredible! However, I think this is something very overlooked for ALL pediatric hip patients (for ALL insurance carriers), mainly because in the young years, there is so much learning and change in their little brains. The Spica Table gives them a place to sit in comfort rather than laying flat on a couch or ground and be able to do a ton of hands on stuff, it developmentally is a necessity. I hope to make this apart of my growing need/mission in this ‘hippy’ community.

I digress. We are less than 2 weeks until this cast comes off and then Levi will move into a Rhino Brace for his nap and bedtime. The reasoning for the brace post case is to give the hips tons of opportunity to sit deep in the cup to prayerfully ossify to bone from cartilage.

We’re going to make the cast removal day fun starting with the removal first thing, an ultra long bath, a big pancake breakfast and a trip to the park! We can’t wait! If you have any fun recommendations for us to do, let’s hear it!

PS – Levi will be turning 3 just days before the cast removal. Insert all the *mama* tears!

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