Today we said ‘good-bye’ to the 2s AND his cast!!!!!!!!!

We weren’t suppose to take it off for a few more days, but I asked his doctor if we could remove it a couple days earlier and he granted our request.

They tried something new with Levi which was splitting the fiberglass portion before wrapping it. And since it was already starting to unravel, I think it was honestly God saying “Go ahead”, I was easily able to start peeling it away without any fuss.

So…minutes after he woke up, we told him the wonderful news, removed the cast and popped him into his bath where he proceeded to play for a while! While he was in the bath in his daddy’s care, I was cooking pancakes and bacon (our new weekly Saturday breakfast).

He was carried downstairs and was fairly hesitant at first to walk without the safety of his cast, but within a couple hours he was walking ( to the barber shop & to pick out a fish tank at Petsmart) and by the end of the day…he was running.

We are very thankful to be out of the cast and hope that his 3s brings so much more meaning to his life! First up, POTTY TRAINING!!

So what’s next on Levi’s ‘hippy adventure’?

Levi will be in a brace for naps and bedtime for the next 4 months. At that point, he will get an x-ray in and out of the cast to see how his bone is ossifying, at that point his doctor will determine if we can stop wearing the brace or if we have to keep wearing it to keep his hips deep in the socket. We are praying! We are praying that this was the LAST of it.

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