A letter to my son’s orthopedic surgeon…

I couldn’t let Doctors’ Day pass by without writing this to you. You may not know this, but you were a gift from God. Some say there are angels around us, unseen but keeping us safe. I can’t understand that, because you are here, fully dressed with a kind heart and generous smile.

We are just shy of the one year anniversary of meeting you by a couple weeks. I remember my drive from an hour away, stomach in my chest because you would soon be telling me the path we’d take. We signed into your office and waited for your nurses (which Every. Single. One. was just who we needed, including the latest and greatest, Lydia) to take us back. There were toys to entertain our boy as we waited to meet the man who everyone recommended.

You walked in and with the greatest smile, greeted us with friendship. You sat down to walk step by step through the journey paved ahead, you made sure we understood EVERYTHING and didn’t proceed to the next thing until we did. You looked me square in the eyes saying “This is not your fault”, words I’m certain fell straight from heaven that day. By God’s great grace, he gave us you and peace through you.

Fast forward to the first procedure, the morning was surreal and so peaceful. We handed our guy off and we walked through the double doors to wait. No tears, just patience. We got everything we prayed for that day and I know each phase is the exact step we needed to get us to where we are today.

Dr. S, thank you for being the most kindest doctor I’ve ever met. Thank you for caring for my son, but caring for my husband and myself too. I remember specifically the day we realized we needed another surgery…and I got answers while you were at Disney with your family. You were on vacation and you still took time for us. I know you don’t see this as a job, it’s just your mission in life. But we are so glad you are walking in your father’s footsteps and that we passed through your hands. As I always mention, as much as I like you…I hope to never see you again. The statement as you know is bittersweet. So today I say, ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of my heart, ‘Thank You’.

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