Mom, this one is for you…

Sometimes ‘thank you’ will never be enough.

To be a mom, a mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children. I’ve learned this quite often over the last 3 years of being called ‘mom’ myself.

It’s hard to reflect on all you’ve done for me in my 30 years of life, but so easy to reflect on all that’s happened in this year since the last Mother’s Day.

You’ve come to my rescue more than once. One time specifically, you dropped everything and loaded your car and came as fast as you could because I physically couldn’t do it anymore.

You sat with me and let me cry…ball actually when this year (and pregnancy hormones) got the best of me. Not trying to ‘fix’ it but just trying to give me comfort.

You helped my family pack, unpack, repack and clean.

You slept on an air mattress for weeks so I could have your support in caring for my Hippy boy.

You cooked tasty meals and bought me one too many sweets.

You loved on my boys more than I could ever imagine. While sometimes I get annoyed with goofiness, it fuels your relationship between Levi and you.

Gamma and Baby Levi

You may say some silly things at times, that I don’t understand, but you also say the right things when I need them most.

This has been a year of countless meals together, a road trip from NY to FL, many Hallmark movies, some tears, more laughs and most of all…LOVE!

Mom, this isn’t an elaborate post about you, I wish I could think of more to say, but thank you for still being a ‘mom’; giving and not always taking.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow; I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom and me!

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