Your hospital stay

Your child’s surgery is right around the corner, which also means your hospital stay is too. Use your nurses to your disposal as this is what they do everyday. Before going to the hospital or during the surgery, write down a list of questions, and they will be eager to help you!

I remember wondering what we needed to bring, other than the birth of my boys, I never needed to stay overnight in a hospital, so all I could think about was ‘comfort’.

  • Personal Toy – If your child sleeps with a security blanket or special toy, make sure that’s the first thing in the bag!
  • Sound Machine – Definitely if they use one at home, bring it. But even if they don’t, it’s worth having one just to drown out neighbors.
  • Snacks – There will be tons of options of food, but your child may be picky and you may just be desperate in getting something in their belly for medicine. Have their favorite snack on hand for bribery 😉
  • Clothes – Ultimately shirts and socks for your child. If you have time to whip up some pants to go over the cast, bring those too! **Reminder…don’t forget an outfit or two (depending on length of stay) for yourself.
  • Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste and everything else!
  • New Toy – I had the mentality that my child made it through surgery and is in a cast…he deserves something special. So if you have time to do it, bring a brand new toy that will take some attention away from the cast that is now on their little body.
  • Electronic Chargers – You know you can’t live without your phone!
  • DVDs – Our hospital had a DVD player, so it’s worth trying to bring their favorite movie too!
  • Carseat and Stroller – But leave these in the car until you are ready for discharge. They may have you bring the carseat in to ensure the child has a proper fit.

**Did I forget something and you have any recommendations to add? Please send me a message!